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Finding the truth. Finding the truth of investment.Finding the truth of the capital market.Also Enjoy the process.

The truth of investment 1

The truth of investment 1 is to protect your asset.

In the currect society, people's asset is usually accessed by the currency.The currency is only the tool and controled by the central bank.Depending on the central bank's policy, the true value of the currency is always changing.And also depending on the Relativity between different currencies, currency is always overestimated or underestimated

  • Central bank policy
  • The relation between central bank and local government
  • Country economy and forcast
  • Society stability
  • Regional Stability
  • Country politics and stability ...etc

The truth of investment 2

Just like other ordinary business, always looking for the business investment opportunity.

But also different from other ordinary business like factory, restaurant .. etc, donot involve the business development itself like rent the place,hire people,install the machine... Only provide capital. Because only provide the capital, it also differentiates investment activity from other ordinary business, that investment only focus on those investment vehicle which will not or less affected by a group of people.

  • Currency
  • Commodity
  • Bitcoin
  • Sector stocks
  • Index
  • Real estate ...etc

"Trying to pick the stocks that outperform the average is like trying to find a needle in a haystack."

Robert Rolih

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